PackFeeder’s system advantages

The scope of the new plastic bottles unscrambling concept developed by PackFeeder was to give an answer to the bottle feeding requirements with an easy and economically operated equipment. 

Main advantages are:

  • Easy use: Machines designed with mechanical logic, which make the  operation, format changeover, incident solving and maintenance easy even by non-qualified personnel.
  • Tool-free Format change over, carried out by non-qualified personnel in 2-15 minutes.
  • No adjustments, easy and quick during start up, operation, format change over. Error-free by non-qualified personnel.
  • Permanent container vision and accessibility.
  • Extreme care with container, even at 400-450 bpm
  • Very compact machine plant space optimization
  • No compressed air: Energy saving up to 70% compared to other unscrambling systems, avoid container and product contamination, and is a key point to reduce noise (lower than 70dB)