How it works

Due to the separation between Hopper and elevator, this one works with the minimum level of containers, avoiding friction between them.

The elevator pushers make a pre-selection of the containers while take them to the selection area.

Orientador de Frascos PET - Pack Feeder
The advance of the container through the selection area it is made by the selection pushers, transferring them from elevator to the drop point at the positioning area.
The selection it is made by two guides who determine bottle neck position and moving it in order to fall down by the neck and/or centre of gravity.
Orientador de Frascos PET - Pack Feeder
Container drop from selection area is controlled by two inclined walls like a funnel.

Positioning pushers stabilize the bottles onto the exit conveyor. Our system allows containers being positioned into pucks.

Orientador de Frascos PET - Pack Feeder