PackFeeder offer a wide range of machine models for unscrambling containers of different dimensions, specifications and materials with outputs adaptable to your production needs. 
Orientador de Frascos de Plástico - Pack Feeder

PackFeeder unscramblers can work with containers of reduced dimensions, from bottle height 50mm up to more than 300mm. Regarding the outputs, they may range from 20 u/min up to the 500 u/min of the fastest equipments.

The different equipments that compose PackFeeder’s range of products vary both in size and speed. Our sales department will advise on the most appropriate equipment to your requirements.

 Regardless of the machine model and operating speed, the machines can be equipped with additional functions such as: 

  • Feeding into pucks
  • Orientation of containers

PackFeeder Unscrambler feeding into pucks
Orientador de Frascos de Plástico - Pack Feeder

All equipments, both standards and those performing additional functions (orientation and pucks), hold the key features and benefits of this system such as:

  • easy of use
  • selection without compressed air
  • tool-free changeover format

PackFeeder high speed Unscrambler feeding into pucks

The technical and commercial team of PackFeeder is at your disposal to study your project and propose the best technical and commercial solution to your needs: